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Do you walk dogs when they attend daycare?

We do not walk dogs who are visiting us for daycare.  Pups who are visiting us for daycare will get ample exercise, they have a huge area to run in and expend more energy playing with their dog pals than they do on a walk.


My dog requires a meal during the day, is this something you can do?

Several of our dog pals require a meal and we are happy to feed them.  You will need to provide food and instructions to us.  All dogs are fed separately to be safe but also so we can monitor if your dog is eating.  We also are very conscious of allergies and do not want dogs eating anything that isn’t specifically for them. 


Do you administer medication or injections?

If your dog requires oral medication please provide us with details on how to administer them, some dogs require treats or for pills to be hidden in peanut butter etc.  We are well versed in giving animal injections as well and are comfortable doing so.


Does my dog require toys when attending daycare?

It is impossible to make sure we can keep your dog’s toys from being destroyed.  We have toys, blankets, beds, towels and everything else your dog may need to feel comfortable.


Can I contact you to check on my pet?

Absolutely, we will send you a few pictures and updates throughout the day as well.


How do you introduce new dogs to the pack?

Safety is a priority here at Urban Tailz.  Dogs are integrated slowly and meet through a gate so we can gage their behaviour.


What if my dog shows aggression to a human or another dog?

If your dog exhibits aggressive behaviour, we will isolate them from other dogs and call you immediately for them to be picked up. 


What if my dog seems upset and will not settle?

It is normal for new dogs to have a bit of separation anxiety; we will use all of our tricks to get your puppy to be comfortable.  If your dog seems distressed and will not settle, we will call you for them to be picked up.  Your dog’s wellbeing is the most important thing to us.

What if I need to cancel?

Things change, we get it! But please be courteous of the time frame you cancel within. In order to provide the best care and service to your dogs, we only allow so many spots per day. If you have a spot and cancel last minute this means we've told others there isn't space for them and results in a loss of income for us.

With that being said we have a 72-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellation in less than 72 hours, full payment will still be required.

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