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Hey Friends!

Karen & I were born and raised in inner-city Toronto but have called the Niagara Region home for the last 10 years.  After several decades of successful careers in Hospitality, we decided to make a change to work that had more depth.  Our Basenji Babies, Cairo an ChuChu are more than just pets, they are our children.  For the last four years, we have allowed two people to care for our pets, we are neurotic helicopter moms and our dog’s happiness is never second.  We have cancelled many a trip or outing if our trusted Dog Chaperones are not available.  As responsible “pawrents” we have created an extension of our home in order to provide a safe and fun environment for our visiting dog pals.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing a dog run up the driveway to our home or get excited at the mention of our name. While your fur baby is in our care, we will treat them with the love, kindness and security they deserve. This is a safe haven so that you can enjoy your time away from them knowing they are engaged and loved.  We feel honoured to serve you by caring for your fur kids as though they are our own.

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Our Home

We have a 6-foot-high wood fenced yard with mature trees and foliage, dogs can run free and will often pack run. Puppies love the freedom to chase birds, play hide and seek and rest in the shade. We have a heated and air-conditioned dog lounge with skylights that was specifically built for Urban Tailz. If the pups are napping in the lounge, we watch them on our dogcam.  This is the perfect area for days that are too hot or cold, we want all our visiting pups to be comfortable.  We have bowls, beds, toys, towels and blankets.  Water bowls are always full and set up through the property.  Dogs are always supervised.

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